Last Updated On: 09/19/2014

How do I Fix Windows Errors on my PC?

Your computer's performance decreases and becomes unstable when your computer's registry becomes very cluttered. A cluttered registry is the result of failed installations, disabled drivers, spyware, and improper maintenance to name a few. In less than 2 minutes, PC Health Advisor can fix Windows registry errors and optimize your computer's performance. In addition, it removes malware in active processes and gets rid of cached information that slows down your PC and web browser. If you searched for Windows Error Repair, then PC Health Advisor is for you.

PC Health Advisor is a safe, easy tool to fix your PC's errors

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PC Health Advisor Features & Benefits

  • Repair Windows Freezes & Errors
  • Clean Up Junk Files
  • Repair JavaScript & Scripting Errors
  • Scan & Fixes over 60,000 Errors
  • Repair EXE, DLL, OCX, INF, & VXD Errors
  • Backup/Restore Features
  • Optimize PC Performance up to 300% Faster
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Removes Malware, Spyware, & Adware
  • Compatible with All Windows Versions
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The registry is a vital database used by Windows to store settings for all hardware and software settings. As you install and remove programs/drivers from your computer, parts of these programs and drivers remain behind in the registry. These remnants clutter the registry and result in reduced performance of your computer. As the registry becomes more cluttered, computer freezes, non-responding programs and system crashes are more likely to occur.


PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor is a user friendy program that allows any computer user to safely fix registry errors and any resulting program errors even hidden errors. Before PC Health Advisor was available, the only efficient way to clean the registry was to manually edit it; this is not a safe method unless you are a Windows registry expert. However, PC Health Advisor is different - safe cleaning is RegCure's priority unlike other registry cleaning programs that may remove vital system files or registry entries. RegCure will not delete any vital registry entries. PC Health Advisor thoroughly scans each suspicious registry entry to make sure that removing it will not affect any installed software or system settings. Best of all, it also removes junk files and malware that are slowing your computer down. We hope our site has help with your search for Windows Error Repair.

You are just one step away from scanning your PC and fixing your error!

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Paretologic PC Health Advisor SOFTPEDIA 100% Clean Award  

SOFTPEDIA "100% clean"
Paretologic PC Health Advisor
Softpedia, a trusted online resource, has thoroughly tested PC Health Advisor and found it to be completely clean of any malware. As it was found to be absolutely clean, it can be installed without any concern by users, Softpedia says.

"Thank you! My computer had fatal error messages and was freezing up. My brother recommended I try PC Health Advisor. I used the free scan and found 233 errors. Using PC Health Advisor fixed my PC and has it running like brand new!"

— Wilson L. Balitmore, MD